Iris Barn Pasture

Up to 10 horses live in the herd at the Iris Barn. They are rotated through 14 different pastures on a total of approximately 40 acres. Hay and alfalfa pellets are provided when needed. When they arrive each horse is assigned their own pen to use at feeding time so there is no competition for food. Tenants work together to feed and move animals between pastures. A 90 by 110 foot arena and a small round pen are nearby. There is a simple washrack. A variety of trails start from the barn area, from easy to very challenging. Fencing is mostly 5 wire New Zealand style smooth wire, with two strands electric. Fence visibility is enhanced with tape added to the electric strands. Tack room space available for an extra charge.

Price: $180 per month per horse

Contact Eloise for further information.