Day Use Membership

Day Use Membership is available for people who want to bring their horse from home and ride at the Ranch. Each member receives a key to the Howell Creek Gate and can come and trail ride or use the Oracle Oak Arena on almost any day, year round. *

Oracle Oak Arena is 140’ by 250’ sand arena. The arena is located on a level area adjacent to Old River Road in Ukiah with ample parking summer and winter. The arena is next to extensive cattle working corrals. Planned but not completed is a return alley and fencing connecting the cattle corrals with the arena. As of October 2017 there is a round corral in one corner of the arena.

Day Use Members can camp at the Ranch. There is a $10 fee per night and reservations are required. Camping is especially handy for those people who are hauling a long distance and want to ride in the cool morning hours.

* Some dates may be “blacked out” due to special events. In 2017 three special events were booked.

Price: $125 per year per horse and rider